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Mystery short story The Shapiro Affair Cover


Short story available in ebook format


Meet Chicago private detective Jeffrey Sparks. He's blunt, to-the-point, and sarcastic. A narcissist in denial, he's easily annoyed by people that don't live up to his expectations. He's also tenacious and determined, though, and solves crimes that the police either can't or won't. He helps those that justice has overlooked. 

Frank Shapiro and his wife have been happily married for years and enjoy fixing up old houses together. One day, Janet Shapiro leaves for work and never comes home. After being brushed aside by the police Shapiro turns to Sparks to help find his missing wife. In his investigation, Sparks concludes that Janet is closer than he originally thought possible, and leads him to a confrontation with the criminal.

The detective, Jeffrey Sparks, is shrewd, edgy and full of attitude, I like this guy.

-Amazon Review

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